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Sensual Awakening and Tantra

Ariana - preparing the room before a tantric appointment  

A lot of the emphasis in our culture for a satisfying sex life, has more to do with ideas for "stress-release" and in some cases notching up orgasms, than to do with our deeper desires for connection and intimacy.

I believe that this is one of the main reasons why many people are frustrated in their sexual lives today.

Tantra is not just about sex and getting into all those different sexual positions. It's more about the free-flow of energy within and between people. We have a physical body and an energetic body. The energetic body enlivens the physical. In fact both are inter-related and what affects one part of the person, whether body, soul or spirit, will undoubtedly affect another part.

We all bring something unique to an appointment because each person has their own spirit, soul and body which change very subtly on a daily basis, as we encounter new experiences of life. The one certain thing about life is change. We can either change for the better or stagnate.

Ariana preparing the room
Ariana - well-educated escort and intimate courtesan, available for sensual awakening and tantric massage

Introduction to Tantra

My "Sensual Awakening" appointments are designed as an introduction to tantra. It is practically impossible in one appointment to encompass all the elements of tantric principles, which is essentially a lifelong path.

This initial appointment therefore offers an opportunity for those who are interested, a "taster"; a chance to experience new heights of sensory awareness and, in so doing, to gain a greater sense of connection with another person in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. All the senses are awakened at this meeting via a variety of stimulating experiences, culminating in a highly erotic tantric massage.


If, after this first appointment, there is *mutual desire* to progress along the tantric path together I will send you, on an ongoing basis, a set of preparatory exercises to practice before each meeting. In this way we will develop an intimate connection over time.

Ariana - in private meditation before a tantric appointment  

How do I know that tantra is right for me?

This type of appointment will not appeal to everybody. If you are looking for a "porn-star" experience with "no holes barred" so to speak, then it will probably not be for you. It will require mutual desire, a certain degree of dedication and discipline at the preparatory exercises before meetings and a willingness to honour and respect one another in a mature and highly intimate way, both people enjoying each moment as it arises.

If you are seeking a deeper level and *quality* of sexual experience, rather than "quantity" of "pumping action" :-), it may well be just for you!

Ariana regularly practices meditation and visualisation in her own private time, to prepare for tantric appointments
Ariana - well-educated escort and intimate courtesan, available for sensual awakening and tantric massage

Further Information

For additional information, I have written a page explaining some of the benefits of tantra - please click here. If you would like further information about this service, please contact me by email.

Rates for this service can be found on my rates page under "Sensual Awakening and Tantra".