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Male G-spot (Prostate) Massage

Ariana - for erotic male G-spot (Prostate) massage in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Bath and the South West


The male prostate, similar to the female "G-spot", can have a strong orgasmic response to being stimulated by stroking and being massaged, particularly if the cock is also stroked at the same time.

About the Prostate

The prostate is situated about 5cm inside the rectum via the anus (bum-hole) and is normally a firm, disc-like structure about the size of a horse-chestnut, sometimes larger in men over forty.

It produces part of the seminal fluid, which is ejaculated at orgasm.

Historically, anal play has been common in some cultures but others have put restrictions on it, so in many places to talk of anything to do with the anus has become more taboo than other parts of the body. This is unfortunate in my opinion, because in addition to its response to direct touch, the anus is a sensory area that produces a pleasure response in the brain when touched, in much the same way as a kiss would, or touching the nipples, ears or feet.

Clinically there is no difference between stimulation of the mouth, nipples, feet or anus in the production of pleasure sensations in the brain. None of these activities have a direct role in reproduction so it seems inconsistent for people to accept some and not all points of arousal in sexual activity. Not all people of course will enjoy this, just as not all people enjoy their feet being touched; everyone will vary in what they find pleasurable.

Hygiene Precautions and Comfort

I always use a new latex glove for each client when I perform a prostate massage and use plenty of lubrication for your comfort (e.g. K-Y Liquid / Astroglide).

Helpful Considerations Expected from You

Obviously, it would be helpful for you to have already been to the toilet before this is performed, and for the area to be as clean as possible. This really goes without saying.

Ariana - independent, well-educated and erotic escort for Prostate massage sessions in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, South Wales, the South West and London UK

Timing and Technique

In my experience it's best to wait until:

  1. You're relaxed.
  2. You're sexually aroused.

Before I begin I apply plenty of lubrication, and start by gently stroking the bum-hole. This area is supplied with lots of little nerve endings, and just having it stroked will usually send ripples of pleasure through you.

Once you are comfortable with that, I move onto inserting one gloved finger gently inside to about 4-5cms, using a "come here" motion, (basically using my finger as I would to beckon someone to "come towards me" while it's in this position inside the body). This motion helps to locate the gland, which I then stroke. Using my other hand I could also stroke your cock at the same time.

Prostate Massage and Orgasm Intensity

Erections are often much stronger when the prostate is being massaged at the same time as the cock and the intensity of orgasm can also be much greater.

Role-Play and Prostate Massage - Doctor/Nurse Fantasy

Some men have asked me if I will dress as a nurse/doctor when I perform this service as this is part of their fantasy... if you would like this then just ask. I have a little nurses outfit, complete with stethoscope or a doctor's white "coat", if you prefer :-) and I can bring them with me if you let me know when booking the appointment.

Ariana - independent, well-educated and erotic escort for Prostate massage sessions in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, South Wales, the South West and London UK

Common Misconceptions and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Doesn't it mean you're gay if you like your bum played with?

It's normal for there to be erotic nerve endings in your bottom (as there is in a woman's bottom). It doesn't mean you are gay because you like your bum played with. Men often worry about this.

  1. My doctor did an internal examination on my and I hated it... Will it be like that?

The clinical, sexually non-aroused "you" in a doctor's surgery, is likely to be a very different "you" to the one who is in a sexually highly aroused state with me :-) The emotional state is totally different, and that is what makes all the difference.

  1. What if I don't like it?

If you don't enjoy it, we'll move onto other things that you do like. No one likes everything and if it's the first-time you've tried it, you may find it's not for you. That's cool :-)

The rate for this service is shown here on my rates page - please note that this service needs to be requested in advance, and at the same time, you can let me know if you would like me to wear one of my outfits, for that fantasy above :-)