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Ariana's Golf Days and Golf Breaks

My enthusiastic interest in golf developed whilst naked inside a hotel bedroom. A client was chatting about his hobbies, one of which happened to be golf.

I had casually enquired about the correct technique for holding a club, and the client promptly gave a demonstration, using an improvised "prop"! My excitement was almost instantaneous and a "proper" driving-range session was arranged.

There followed a few driving-range lessons in late October and November in Britain. Then out of the blue an old client contacted me at this time. He reminded me that he also played. The timing was uncanny. He agreed to meet me on the range for a few practice sessions and to help me with some tips.

Then a new client who I was due to see from America arranged to play a "Ryder Cup" match with me when he came to the UK. Never having met me before he generously brought across his wife's old clubs to help get me started. A full set, they must have weighed a lot especially as he had his own to carry too!

So my very first game on a real course, took place in cold driving rain with my American friend. I remember my hands felt so numb I could hardly hold the clubs. It was at this time I discovered my rainproof coat wasn't really rainproof at all! Only shower proof. I made 7 holes and was soaked right through to my g-string, and that was even with a cart!

My enthusiasm for play wasn't dampened though! I began to realise, however, that playing in driving rain without the right gear was perhaps not the best conditions for a start! I resolved to buy a rainproof coat or play in the sun!

Ariana - golfing companion, for golfing holidays and golf-breaks - the perfect golfing accessory for men who enjoy playing "a round" Sun wasn't long coming as my enthusiasm for the game soon found me playing in Florida with the same client who had showed me the hotel-room golf "grip";-)

My First Par in the Sun!

I had my very first par whilst in the sunny States after making a 300 yard hole in two strokes and another two putts up to the hole. Not bad going for a British winter condition start I was told! I think I was beaming with pride when congratulated!

What I've Learnt So Far From Golf:

A big challenge for me on the course in the States was a shot over a large expanse of water. The first two days I was a foot short on both days I played the hole. The third day and the same hole I was determined not to look at the water – only to keep my eye on the golf ball. This time I hit well over the water and onto the edge of the putting green! It was a great feeling to have risen to the challenge and won a personal psychological victory.

I learned from just this one hole that golf is all about focus, keeping my eye on the ball, recovering from setbacks and believing in my own abilities. Giants are there to be defeated and once defeated they are no longer giants only past victories! Ariana - golfing escort for golf vacations and golf games - because your pleasure is also my pleasure

Now I can see why so much business takes place on the golf course. It must surely give bosses a much better idea of their prospective employees, than any interview in an office.

The other thing I learnt is that golf is a game of manners, etiquette and skill rather than all brute force and power.

Ariana - golf player, escort, qualified masseuse - because golf is also about pleasure and making a good recovery If only they would all go in this easy!

One of the lovely things I remember, was the feeling I had when my client formally shook my hand at the end of each game. It signalled to me that despite my relative inexperience (he played off a handicap of 12), for that moment in time, I was just another golfing friend.

I can't wait to get back on the course to learn more about the game and more about myself and others who play the game!

So if you're a golfer and would like to spend a few hours with me both on and off the course, please e-mail me and let's get together!